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With the help of technology today, we can enjoy explicit and erotic experiences, which will turn on the mood no matter what. Skype is the most often used media platform, and the most preferred, for these types of actions. And it is no wonder, because with the help of it you can see your partner up to the clearest detail. Visualizing your partner is extremely important if you want your erotic game to be steaming hot. So turn on the webcam and let the fun begin. An experience like this is great to keep a distant relationship going, and it’s great as well if you want to have a good time in a safe way. Couples prefer more and more to get together on Skype because it is much more explicit and arousing than sex on the phone or the so-called “sexting”. Doing it you will only write down your erotic ideas through messages. Looking for better and more exhilarating methods, people got to the idea that a webcam can be the best choice as it can give you real-time sensations. Try it, and you will convince yourself.

If you know you’re going to have a hot date on Skype, you have the advantage of planning up ahead. Wear the best lingerie that will help you feel sexiest. Consider adding up some striptease or lascivious moves, dirty talk, and explicit touches. These tips are great for both men and women. Only the two of you are enjoying these moments so let your imagination be free. It is an experience that can get very exciting and fun, so enjoy at maximum the time you spend. Prepare your atmosphere with adding candlelight and mood music, maybe even some lube prepared nearby. If you have sex toys, make sure you put then in handy, because you never know where you guys can end up. And the most imagination you put in your erotic games, the better for your fun.

Don’t jump right into it, because it’s awkward, and you won’t have enough time to get into the proper mood. Instead, try making some jokes and laughing a bit. Laughter is great because it makes your blood moving and turns you on. Women are great in making a flirty conversation. Ask him if he likes your outfit. Stand up in front of the camera and show of your assets. It will only make him more eager and excited. Also, sending deep gazes to your partner, with the help of the webcam, increases a bit the tension, as both know that the special moment is approaching. It is like in the real life, when you prepare everything with a sensual forth play.

You should now slowly begin to touch yourself. Start with smooth caresses over the body. If you are a woman, go over the body parts that present the most interest, even offer small peaks to your treasures. Even spice up the atmosphere with some sex toys. Men love watching a beautiful woman self-stimulating herself, manually or using sex toys. If you are a man, ask your partner if she would like some striptease, followed by a starting session of self-pleasuring. In both cases, all these actions will only add up to the increasing fire and desire. Now remember the things you thought about doing before starting the video chat. Now it is the time to start pulling out those ideas. Moving in provocative ways, dirty talk, sensual touches, do whatever you feel like. Take turns, each one provoking each other to go to the next step. Forget your partner is on the other side of the webcam and pretend he or she is right there in the room with you. Loosen up and enjoy the erotic game. Continue with these stimulations until you both reach the final stage.

It may feel weird doing it for the first time, but you will eventually learn to like it. Erotic games via a webcam are much more fun and exciting than making sex over the phone. You get to see your partner, and you can watch every move. Having visual contact is the fact that turn you on instantly. Let yourself loose, and your little video chat can turn into an arousing and satisfactory erotic game. You can also try role-playing with the help of a webcam. Inquire what each of you likes best and do it. You will be amazed of how many people seek pleasure this way. So why don’t you use it to spice up your sex life?